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How To Play

Each level presents an iconic picture of the item that emanated from the 90s. Your job is to correctly guess what it was. It could be a TV Show, cool toy, clothing item or more. The type of item is listed at the top of the picture and the letters that you can use to guess what it is are below the image. Loads of fun and a great trip down memory lane!

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Guess The 90s Answers

Are you a 90s Kid? Do you love nostalgia? Or maybe you are an adult that just lived through the 1990s. Either way, Guess The 90s is for you. It's a photo-based word that where your job is to use pictures of things from the 90s to solve for the hidden answer. With categories like TV Shows, Toys, Electronics, Movies, Music, Products, Clothing & Apparel and more, there are categories for everyone. With 400 levels, there are bound to be puzzles that you have a hard time with. If you do get stuck, Guess The 90's Answers is here to help. Just use the buttons in the navigation to find the level that you're stuck on. Click on it, and we'll provide the answer.